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Happie Heating Patches For Period Cramps - 5ct

Happie Heating Patches For Period Cramps - 5ct

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Happie Moon Menstrual Pain Relief Patches, the soothing solution to period pain that lets you keep on keeping on with your life, pain-free. These innovative patches offer up to 4 hours of relief, ensuring that period cramps don't hold you back from your daily activities.
Designed exclusively with tweens and teens comfort in mind, Happie Moon patches are the perfect blend of effective pain relief and natural care. Their gentle formula is tailored to provide a soothing sensation, allowing you to move through your day with ease and confidence. Whether you're tackling a busy day at school, hanging out with friends, or simply relaxing at home, these patches are your discreet and reliable ally.
Applying Happie Moon patches is a breeze. Simply place a patch on the lower abdomen or any area experiencing discomfort, and feel the gentle warmth work its magic, easing the pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. Their sleek and subtle design means they can be worn unnoticed under any outfit, making them ideal for use anytime, anywhere.

We’ve Got You Covered. Period! Happie Moon Menstrual Pain Patches – because your period should never be a pause button on your life.


  • FEMININE CARE HEATING PADS FOR ON-THE-GO: Individually wrapped travel heating pad, convenient to fit your on the go lifestyle. Ultra-thin, discrete design to seamlessly fit under your clothing helping you manage menstrual pain through the day & night.
  • PERIOD HEATING PAD HEATWRAPS: are air activated providing up to 5 hours of pain relief by increasing blood flow and oxygen to accelerate healing and relieve pain. Soothes menstrual pain cramps and its also a perfect heating pad for back pain
  • DISCREET: Designed specifically for tweens and teens our thin heating pad for cramps are easy to use pain patches.  Just peel and stick to your underwear for hours of pain relief and comfort
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