Finally, organic period products designed with tweens and teens in mind!

Our organic menstrual products are custom-sized for a comfortable and secure fit.

Why choose happie moon?

Happie Moon is eco-friendly, comfortable, and affordable for all!

  • Organic

    Natural, and chemical-free menstrual products for a healthier, happier period experience.

  • Confidence + Comfort

    Our menstrual products offer reliable protection and comfortable wear for a worry-free period.

  • Super Absorbant

    Experience maximum protection and discretion without sacrificing comfort during your period.

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Say hello to fem-care for Tweens & Teens

Don't let anyone tell you that the menstrual revolution is only for grown-ups! Our custom-sized menstrual products are designed with tweens and teens in mind, offering a comfortable and secure fit that provides optimal protection during their periods.

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